We love to celebrate life – Alpin Family


“We love to celebrate life – enjoy good food, savor good wineand spend time in outstanding accommodations.

That makes us such excellent hosts.”



Alpin Rentals started in 2009 as a hospitality management company for luxury apartments.

As we have developed steadily over the years and expanded our portfolio, we founded Alpin Family at the beginning of 2018. Alpin Family includes restaurants & dining concepts as well as AvenidA & Alpin Rentals and is also responsible for the Elements Resorts, Alpine Residences, Lila Alpin Resorts and other related services.

Alpin Family is an Austrian hospitality and lifestyle company in the business of genuine quality products, charming experiences, excellent services and lasting memories.

Our original concepts and ideas drive the lok and feel of our projects, while our professionalism in hosipitality mangement delivers well-run operations.

We provide a wide variety of luxury accommodations that offer impeccalbe service with Austrian charm.

Most of all, our family and community values set the tone of our service, which we always aspire to deliver with warmth and care – “your alpin home away from home”.

Our set of core values, hospitality mangement, marketing expertise and original concepts and ideas allow us to foster collaborations with leading figures and organisations both local and international.


Alpin Family is a company that continually strives for innovation and the creation of unique businesses that will excite and entertain.



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